Verde Peacock Granite Kitchen

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verde Peacock Granite is quarried in Brazil. This deep colored natural stone is full of character, color, and depth. Blues, greens, and golds along with a ton of shimmering crystals.

Verde Peacock 

I Love the white cabinets with this dark green stone!
The white cabinets really makes this stone come alive.

Notice how the granite is wrapped all the way around the back of the range? Neat idea!

It's hard to see, but if you look to the back of the picture on top of the built in bookshelf, you'll see a piece of Verde Peacock was notched in to pull the two rooms together. It also gives the bookshelf a nice 'built in look'.

Verde Peacock Seam Close Up

Here's a seam close up. It's an extreme close up - I zoomed in really close. Notice how small the seam is. The epoxy matches the color of the granite which makes the seam as unnoticeable as possible.

All seams should have a matching epoxy. Some installers were using a clear epoxy - some probably still do - I personally think it makes the seam more noticeable.

Verde Peacock is very similar to Verde Labrador Granite - Verde Peacock is usually a little bit lighter. But, they are so close that some granite companies sell them as the same stone.

Verde Peacock

Don't bother sealing this stuff! Or the Verde Labrador for that matter. You'll just end up with a HUGE mess. These granites are so dense - non porous - if you try to apply a sealer, it will just sit on top of your stone and dry there. It's not going to soak in because there is no where for it to go.

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