Verde Labrador Granite Kitchen

Anoka, Minnesota

Verde Labrador Granite is a deep dark green stone with flecks of black and gold throughout. A lot of people call it Green Labrador - verde means green. It's quarried in Brazil like Verde Peacock. The main variation in this stone is how much of the gold color is in it.

Verde Labrador 

I love a raised bar top - it hides a sink full of dirty dishes from other rooms - like the dining room!

For example, you cook a big meal, sit down to eat at the table but can see a pile of dirty dishes. Who wants to wash dishes before eating! We had a raised bar in our last house and we put one in our new house too. This really makes sense for open floor plans where the kitchen & dining room adjoin.

Verde Labrador 

The built in table with the matching granite adds a little uniqueness to this kitchen. Hard to tell from this picture but the matching cabinets and granite really pulled the dining room and kitchen together.

As you can see, the table's recessed between two cabinets. It would have been cool if they had made it a 'fold in' table... kind of like a Murphy bed. Table folds up, legs fold in and a piece of wood matching the cabinets slides down to hide it. Even cooler... adding a built in safe in the cabinet beneath or even above the table!

Realistically though, this would be too heavy to close and open on a day to day basis. Neat idea but it'd probably stay down most of the time anyway.

They splashed the inside wall with a three inch piece of Verde Labrador. There were quite a few little ones running around so they used coffee cup corners. Softer edge... softer look.

Like we said before - don't bother sealing this stuff! Waste of time & money. You'll just end up with a HUGE mess and an emptier wallet.

Goes something like this...

... apply the sealer ... hmmmm .... doesn't soak in... you wipe it all back off.

You think you sealed your stone but really you just poured it on and then took it all back off.

Or, you let the sealer sit for fifteen minutes or so...

... it dries on the surface of the stone... you have this dirty looking film sitting on top of your stone... now you must remove it... HOW?

Read the label on the sealer bottle or call the manufacturer for instructions.

An avoidable big mess and an even emptier wallet.

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