Sao Francisco Honed Granite

Burnsville, Minnesota

Sao Francisco honed granite is also known as Verde San Francisco. It's a greenish gray colored natural stone with swirls of darker green throughout. The honed finish gives this stone a matte like appearance.

Sao Francisco Honed 

This granite kitchen picture highlights the attention to details in fabricating this honed granite top. See how perfectly the odd shaped raised window ledge is notched into the window area?

There are three separate under hung cast iron sinks. These sinks are extremely heavy and ALWAYS need additional supports. Tricky to do... some installers won't even install cast iron sinks because of the weight. But, it's definitely doable.

Sao Francisco Honed Granite

Here's a close up of honed Sao Francisco Granite. Precise templates and cutting meant no seams were necessary. This stone looks beautiful either polished or honed. But, the colors are definitely more vibrant if you choose a polished stone.

One of the biggest draw backs to dark honed granite is the marks. You'll see finger prints, marks, anywhere water touches, and oils easily. If you have kids, this might drive you nuts!

An easy fix is to apply a good quality color enhancer. This changes the look of your stone quite drastically. The stone looks wet... permanently!

There's no going back once an enhancer is applied... so ... test first to make sure you'll like how it looks! It's simple & quick to see what a color enhancer will do.

Here's what you do...

Grab a soft rag and a bucket of plain tap water. Wipe your top with the rag and a ton of water. Like how it looks? This is what a color enhancer will do.

Told you it was easy! ;-) More info on color enhancers & stone care products here.

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