Wine River Granite Kitchen Counter

Ramsey, Minnesota

A Wine River granite kitchen counter looks soft and subtle. It reminds me of marble with all of the exotic veins. This is a light minty colored natural stone that has highlights of reddish purple garnets throughout.

Wine River 

The granite picture above shows the precise detailed work of the granite fabricators. The ogee edge angles in toward the sink to save space and soften the look.

The angles of the granite match the cabinet below perfectly. And, even though the under mount sink is shaped irregular, the granite countertop hugs it perfectly.

Wine River Granite Kitchen Counter

Should you seal Wine River granite? Probably. This lighter colored stone will suck up liquids and staining agents unless a sealer is applied OR you're very careful. And there are no guarantees when it comes to being careful!

So how do you know if you should seal or reseal your stone? The water test. This test is well known in the stone industry and is used to determine if you need to seal your stone, when it needs to be resealed, and if your natural stone is perfectly sealed.

Some shy away from stones that need to be sealed thinking it's a lot of upkeep and extra work.

While there is more work involved in sealing a stone vs not sealing a stone, it's not a lot of extra upkeep once your stone is sealed. There are a ton of great sealers on the market today. It's much more common to seal every ten to fifteen years... NOT every year!

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