Granite Color Charts

& Granite Samples

Granite color charts are small pieces of granite or other natural stones attached to a large thick piece of cardboard or in a booklet form. They are convenient to carry around and are mainly used to compare many different colors and patterns of stone at one time. These charts usually have at least 20 small granite tiles attached to them.

Granite Color Charts

What would you use a granite color chart for?

Take it home to compare a lot of different stone colors at once. You'll figure out which stones look best with your cabinets, your floors and in your lighting. Which stone fits in with your surroundings!

So where do you get these color charts? From your fabricator or local stone showroom!

Your fabricator will also have 'stone samples'.

The main difference between color charts and stone samples is the size of the stone. A granite sample is usually larger - a lot larger!

Granite Samples

Sometimes granite samples are simply 12 x 12 tiles and sometimes they are just 'scraps of stone'. They are definitely larger than the tiles on color charts! Read - heavier, bulkier and inconvenient to tote around a lot of samples.

Samples are also used to compare different granite colors and patterns. Once I settle on a stone, I like to take the bigger stone sample with to match paint, curtains, accessories and sometimes even flooring to the stone.

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Erase Scratches

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
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Etch Marks

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