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Tennessee Stone Pros.Looking for professional Tennessee kitchen remodel contractors or Stone Pros?

Whether you've "been there, done that" or this is your first natural stone project, find knowledgeable marble & granite fabricators & stone pros in Tennessee to answer your questions and help your stone project flow smoothly. Listed Below By City.

Black Galaxy Granite
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Wavy Juperana
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Tropic Brown Granite
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Stone Services
2601 East 34th Street
Chattanooga, TN 37407
Phone: (423) 634-0745

Convenient Selection + Highly Experienced Staff + Standard Quality Upgrades + Superior Technology + Top Notch Installation = Peace of Mind. We are licensed & insured and offer a 100% lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Call us to fabricate and install your next stone project.


Tennessee Marble Company
343 W. Vinegar Valley Rd.
Friendsville, TN 37737
Phone: (865) 995-9500

This family owned company extracts and manufactures high quality dimensional stone for clients throughout North America. We are one of the largest fabricator's of domestic marble and the USA's exclusive supplier of Tennessee marble. Small minimums.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee

Oldcastle Surfaces
90 Oceanside Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: (615) 386-0509

We offer a complete range of services from engineering to design consultation to complex custom jobs which incorporate thermoforming, inlay colors, sand blasting and coving. Superior craftsmanship make us the first choice for stone and solid surface design and installation.


Click on the first letter of the CITY nearest YOU!

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Tennessee kitchen remodel professionals not listed near you? Find a Pro near you.

Black Galaxy Granite Wavy Juperana Tropic Brown Granite Brazilian Black Granite

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