Picture of Limestone

Yellow Limestone

The picture of limestone below is Yellow Limestone. It's softer than granite and comes in irregular shapes and sizes. It also comes in varying thicknesses. Similar to granite, limestone is stored on an A-frame until itÂ’s time to fabricate.

Yellow Limestone

The slabs in the picture of limestone below are 6 inches thick. Limestone countertops aren't generally 6 inches thick. They would be extremely heavy and require special reinforced cabinetry. But they can be as thick as you like as long as your cabinets will support them.

Yellow Limestone

Limestone is used on both interiors and exteriors. This thick yellow limestone is waiting to be fabricated and will be used for landscaping. The limestone will age and take on a patina that will help to protect the stone against the outside elements.

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"Elberton granite is over
300 million years old."

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