Persian Brown Kitchen Designs

by Darren

Persian Brown Kitchen Designs

Persian Brown Kitchen Designs

This is one of my favorite kitchen designs. Persian Brown granite with a bumped out area for the cook top and a full granite kitchen backsplash. Beautiful stone!

First thing we did was install the Persian Brown granite top. We cut the cook top hole after installing the granite. Why? The piece of granite at the back and at the front of the cook top is really thin (about 3 inches) so it's easy to snap in half when hauling and installing.

Next we installed the full kitchen backsplash. We had to be very careful marking and cutting all those outlet holes.

The home owner requested a lot of action in the piece directly behind the stove to draw interest... so there it is - Action!

We then wrapped a four inch splash around the cabinets on both sides of the cook top.

Some things that make this kitchen design stand out:

1. Wood framed in hood and the full back splash.

2. Columns on either side of the cook top pull open and are filled with spice racks. Amazing!

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by: Anonymous

nice job guys not easy. We did a 76 inches X
196 inches island 2 slab . looks pretty good too.
But we only got 5 guys

by: Darren

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Can you be a little more specific on what you want to know about the job


How did you do it?
by: Anonymous

How did you build the spice racks into the posts?

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