Marble And Stone Mosaic Tiles For Sale

by Zenger

White Marble Mosaic Tiles

White Marble Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic has a long history of architectural applications. Ancient mosaic designs can be traced back many centuries, represented by Italian, Roman and Greek mosaic crafts from the hands of famous mosaic artists.

The majority of ancient mosaics are made in synthetic materials such as glasses and ceramics.

Natural stone mosaics like marble mosaic emerged in recent decades, making the mosaic idea even brighter.

Ancient Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamian cultures become alive again in the form of classic design.

A set of marble or stone mosaics in proper designs has vast applications. Mosaic floors, ceilings, walls and outdoor pavings are seen in modern buildings.

Entries, powder rooms, bathrooms, sun rooms and more can be artfully enhanced by timeless stone mosaics.

Our artisans execute the simple, the sublime, and the unique with superb precision.

We design, craft and export hundreds of beautiful designs of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and mixed stone mosaics, in the form of mosaic pattern, medallion, tile, art pieces and borders mounted on sheets ready for installation.

Description: Handmade stone mosaics in 25 full colors. Multiple patterns and borders are now available at very affordable prices.

Available in polished, tumbled, and antique. Our stone mosaics are mesh mounted and easy to install in 3/8" thickness.

We supply all kinds of water jet medallions.

Marble medallion, marble inlay, stone medallions, stone inlay,
travertine medallions, travertine inlay, slate medallion, limestone inlay medallion.

We also supply marble inlaid table tops, stone and granite flooring medallions, marble patterns, marble inlaid borders and custom medallions.

Competitive prices and high quality.

Zenger mosaics are assembled by the hands of well trained craftsman, based on drawings of professional designs. Our stone mosaics are completely customizable in dimension, chip color, chip size and chip shape.

Five basic stone mosaics are:

1. Mosaic Pattern - Made of stone chips in different shapes and sizes;

2. Mosaic Tile - Assembled with uniform square chips for simple decoration;

3. Mosaic Medallion - Resembling inlaid stone medallion but in the form of mosaic;

4. Mosaic Border - In stripe designs for wall and floor bordering applications; and,

5. Marble Mosaic Art.

Mosaic, inlay, water jet pattern, medallion stone and marble mosaic tile features:

1) Material: Marble, Granite, Slate, Pebble, etc.

2) Colour Series: Pure-color series, Mixed-color series, Gradual changing, Pattern series;

3) Size: Standard size or per customers request;

4) Surface finish: polished/ honed / tumbled;

Wholesale and export china Water jet Medallion to importers, fabricators, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all over the world.
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