Limestone Fireplace

by Darren
(Minneapolis, MN)

Limestone Fireplace

Limestone Fireplace

This limestone fireplace is functional yet artistic. Both the hearth and the mantel are suspended by large iron bars coming out of the walls. This allows the hearth to be used as a seat and makes it easy to clean underneath.

The large mantle is a great shelf for this homeowner / designer to showcase his prized possessions and to show off his TV and speaker system.

The light from the large windows above makes this space feel open.

The limestone slabs were actually bevel cut and seamed together in the shop so they resembled 6 to 8 inch blocks of limestone vs a slab.

6 - 8 inch blocks of limestone would have been way too heavy in this application.

The insides were hollow for the most part so it was easy to run the speaker wires & cords through the mantel... great way to conceal them. You can see the wires coming out in this picture because they were in the process of running the cords.

Tony from The Granite Guys surely out did himself with this one.

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