Jurassic Black

Minnetrista, Minnesota

Jurassic Black is a conglomerate. Conglomerates are formed when molten lava is heated, cooled, and then solidified with the rocks still in it. The lava cools before the stones have a chance to liquify.
This natural stone is full of small and large pebbles or rocks in a black background. It's really similar to Verde Marinace which is a green conglomerate.

Jurassic Black has soft and hard spots so it's possible to scratch the softer spots. There is also a lot of variance between slabs.

Sometimes small pebbles or larger rocks will chip out of the edges while your fabricator is putting on the edge finish.

Jurassic Black

Do you see the black spot in the center of this stone photo? This might be considered a defect. Some people like this variation. They feel it adds a little more character to their stone. Others prefer to have any areas like this cut out of the stone for a more uniform look.

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Stone Fact:
"Elberton granite is over
300 million years old."

"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
Maurizio Bertoli

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