Honed Golden Lapidus Granite Sink

by Darren
(Minneapolis, MN)

Honed Golden Lapidus Granite Sink

Honed Golden Lapidus Granite Sink

This is a Honed Golden Lapidus Granite sink I made and helped to install with Tony from The Granite Guys. This sink went to one of the large mansions on Summit Avenue in St Paul.

It's a double bowled under mount that is eight inches deep and created from the same stone as the counter tops were.

First, the bottom of each bowl was ground to the central drain evenly so water would drain properly. Then the bottoms were re-honed to match the original finish of the stone.

The next step - cut the drain holes and very carefully grind the rim of the hole so the drain flange fit properly and evenly. It wasn't easy!

Finally, the sink was the assembled with epoxies and tested for leaks. We installed the sink before the tops and supported it very well. It's really heavy!

After the counter top was installed, we raised the sink slightly and sealed the gap between the Lapidus granite top & sink with 100% clear silicon.

What a fun and challenging job.

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