Granite Stone


Granite stone and other natural stones are cut using a granite saw equipped with a diamond blade. ItÂ’s similar to a radial arm saw except that it is laser guided for accuracy. This saw is used to cut slabs into the basic shapes of countertops.

Granite Saw

These machines are very expensive pieces of equipment.

The Wizard

The machine above is called The Wizard. It uses a diamond bit to cut out sink holes for top or under mount sinks. Some fabricators still hand cut sink holes but the wizard helps to avoid costly mistakes.

Cutting natural stone is a loud, wet, and dusty job. The guys in the shop wear masks, goggles, ear protection, and special clothing to protect themselves while cutting stone.

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Stone Fact:
"The Great Pyramid of Giza, also called Khufu's Pyramid, is made of over 2 million blocks of limestone."

"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
Maurizio Bertoli

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