Granite Slabs


Granite slabs usually arrive at the granite fabricator's place of business on a semi truck attached to A-frames. The A-frames are necessary to hold the stone slab upright and in place during transport from the showroom to the stone shop.

Unloading Granite Slabs

Once the stone arrives, they are unloaded with a fork lift, A-frames and all.

Granite Slabs

The stone slabs are then put aside until they are ready for fabrication.

Near the Twin Cities these slabs can be hand picked by you at a Cold Spring Granite, Stone Holding, or Amsum & Ash showroom. Your marble and granite contractor then arranges for your material to be transported to their shop for fabrication.

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Stone Fact:
"Close to 2.7 million cubic feet of Indiana Limestone is quarried each year."

"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
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