Granite Edge Profiles


The Pro edge 3 is used to create different granite edge profiles. This machine is also used on other natural stones such as marble and limestone. Granite fabricators use the pro edge for its precision and speed. Special tools or attachments are needed sometimes for specific edges.

Pro Edge

Besides hand polishing, various machines are used when working on natural stone edges.

Pro Edge

The Piranha Edge Polisher is used for flat and beveled edges. This machine polishes the flat edges on countertops, vanities, and back splashes.

Granite edge profiles always entail some hand polishing. The more detailed the edge, the more hand polishing the stone requires.

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Stone Fact:
"Granite can be repaired. It can be re finished. If it chips or breaks it is repaired with colored epoxies."

"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
Maurizio Bertoli

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