Stone, Marble & Granite Maintenance

Stone Care Starter Kit

Stone, marble and granite maintenance is convenient with this TEAM of SPECIALTY Products!!! If your stone needs a little help, this is the kit you want!

Cleaning marble, a travertine shower, dirty tiles OR grout? This stone care kit's it!!! Take care of mold, mildew, soap scum, AND your day to day cleaning. Great to clean up the grunge & grime AND then keep your stone looking nice & new!

This all inclusive stone care kit includes cleaners and accessories to keep your floors, walls, tiles & grout in TIP TOP shape! Clean THEN Maintain.

Great for Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Limestone... Floors, Shower Walls and Tiles!

Product Description

Stone Care Starter Kit GOT MOLD?

Use the mildew remover to get rid of that unsightly and unsanitary fungus! Just spray it on and watch the mildew disappear!

For mildew that's been hanging around for a little while, the grout brush will come in handy!

Just a little scrubbing is necessary... let the grout brush DO THE WORK! The nylon bristles WILL scrub out those hard to reach cracks and crevices.


Grab the 32 ounce spray bottle, fill it with HOT water and add a few capfuls of the soap film remover. Mix the solution and then start spritzing and spraying wherever soap scum, hard water OR mineral deposits are a problem.

Let the product DO THE WORK! Give it time to break up the residues... then rinse thoroughly.

Keep your FLOORS IN TIP TOP shape with the floor cleaner. NO Rinsing, NO Residue, ADDS Shine, SAFE for Stone BUT you can use it on ANY surface not harmed by water!

This is an easy to use stone, marble and granite maintenance product!

Keep your SHOWER WALLS IN TIP TOP shape with the daily spray cleaner.

Short & Sweet... NO Rinsing, NO Residue, FOOD Safe (Use it on your counter tops TOO!), MADE for stone BUT you can use it on MANY different surfaces such as stainless steel, cultured marble, mirrors, plus much more! Quick, easy & safe says it all.

Finally, use the squeegee to keep soap film and mold & mildew at bay! Use it after showering to remove the excess moisture from your walls!

They say it's the MOST POPULAR squeegee in the world! ;-) I use mine to clean my windows as well as our tiled shower walls. It's still going strong seventeen months later!

Stone Care Starter Kit $79.95

Mildew Stained Pool


Stone Care Starter Kit Products In This Kit:

Stone Care Starter Kit $79.95

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Cleaning Stone Tiles

The mildew remover worked wonders on my shower.

It took a little scrubbing (not much just a little) and it now looks like new again. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

You have gone beyond expectations and I truly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

What a wonderful website! A truly useful resourse.

This helped me understand what my fabricator in Elberton, GA, is talking about. But it also puts into words the questions I have for him.

Thank you for the effort it took to pull all of this together. Sue

Thank you for MB-9 - it is a great product and worked just like you said. Mildew is now gone!

Thank you. Dolly


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