Really Pretty Granite Kitchen Countertops

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A few more pictures of granite kitchen countertops.... See a stone color you like? Hover your mouse over the picture to see the name.

Lake Superior Green Granite

Compare the lighter colored stones to the darker ones and notice how the contours of the stone follow the cabinets.

Chestnut Brown Granite

Blue Volga Granite Cacao Brown Granite

Do you like the deep chocolaty browns with light or dark cabinets? Or, maybe you prefer a sea green granite? Choosing colors isn't about being right, wrong, or what looks best to me or your designer. It's about you. Which colors do you like?

Lapadis Lakes Granite

What are your preferences? Open your mind and imagine.
Opinions are great, but always go with your own gut instinct.

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Stone Fact:
"The purest form of marble is white."


"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
Maurizio Bertoli


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