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Your Focal Point

A kitchen island with Granite is a focal point. A place to share a casual bite to eat with family and friends. Prepare food, cook meals, or wash dishes. A place to be utilized... store pots and pans or display your cookbooks and collectibles. A comfort zone to pull up a chair or stool and hold intimate conversation. Use a granite island to make your kitchen more spacious and user friendly. See a stone color you like? Hover your mouse over the picture to see the name.

Juperana Crema Bordeaux Granite

The simplest and most common kitchen island has a single flat surface. These beautiful granite work tops capture attention while providing plenty of additional work space.

Verde Butterfly Granite

Incorporate built in storage underneath. You could enclose a granite kitchen island for storage or leave it open for shelving. Think about lighting. Recessed fixtures blend in with your decor while pendants are more noticeable hanging just above your granite surface.

Juperana Crema Bordeaux Granite

Combine different heights for a multi purpose island. This separates your work areas while adding interest and depth to your kitchen. The height for most granite countertops for food preparation is 36 inches while bar height countertops are between 42 and 45 inches.

Venetian Gold Granite

Notice in the picture above that the electrical outlets are cut right into the natural stone and hardly noticeable. Use complimentary outlet covers such as wood, granite, or other natural stones to make your kitchen unique.

Verde Labrador Granite Opalescent Granite

Put a sink in your island. The multi height kitchen islands above are great for hiding a sink full of dishes from an adjacent room.

How much overhang do you want on your kitchen island granite? It's nice to be able to slide a chair or stool underneath. Stone overhangs with more than 6 inches on 2cm (3/4" Granite) thicknesses and 10 inches on 3cm (1 1/4" Granite) should be supported with brackets. corbels or columns. Define your unique style with these accents.


If you plan on using a cook top in your island, how will you set up your exhaust system? You will need either a downdraft vent or a hood suspended from the ceiling.

Curves and arches soften the look of your kitchen. Architectural elements add interest, uniqueness, and personal style. Browse through magazines or books to get more ideas of what to include in your kitchen island granite.

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