Granite Counter Pictures

Looking For Ideas?

These granite counter pictures will give you a head start on visually designing or picturing what you might like to incorporate in your new kitchen. See a stone color you like? Hover your mouse over the picture to see the name.

Opalescence Granite

Besides color, look at the different design elements.

The height of countertops, granite edge profiles, sink and appliance locations, and uniques, such as built in desks.

Verde Maritaka Granite Tropic Brown Granite

Notice the different overhangs on counters, the variety of cabinet styles, and how colors look together. Look at the small details.

Focus on trivial things such as cabinet handles, appliance colors, and curves and angles in the wood trim or stone. Note your preferences to help define your own unique style.

Tropic Brown Granite Chestnut Granite

For more great ideas, pay attention when you're out and about to what others have done with natural stone. Friends, relatives, and acquaintances can be a great resource.

Talk to your fabricator... they are GREAT at creating your ideas in stone.

Be alert when youÂ’re browsing at the malls, eating out at restaurants, or going into any commercial buildings. These places use many different types of natural stone in their designs. Look at the floors, walls, counters, and even the exteriors of buildings.

Or, flip through a few magazines and books.

Verde Labrador Granite Verde Labrador Granite

Above all else, try not to limit yourself and your imagination. Dream up the ultimate kitchen that's perfect for you and only then tone it down by the size of your room and budget. Mix and match what you love to come up with your own unique style.

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