Carrera Marble Tub Surround

by Darren
(Minneapolis, MN)

Carrera Marble Tub Surround

Carrera Marble Tub Surround

Here's a great idea to bring fresh life to an existing cast iron tub. I helped Tony at The Granite Guys wrap this tub with remnants of Carrera Marble. (Remnants are just small pieces of stone.)

The home owner had an old cast iron tub that didn't go with the rest of their bathroom. They had recently put in a Carrera marble shower and they wanted the tub to match the shower on the other side of the bathroom.

But they did not want to pull out the existing tub.

While the upper pieces were being fabricated at the shop, there was still some shaping and back grinding to do at the job. The tub is wavy on the front (not a flat surface) so we had to grind the back of the marble until it fit snugly against the side of the tub. Tricky.

It worked out very nicely and the home owner saved a lot of money by just buying Carrera remnants.

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