Bathroom Design Ideas

by Carolyn
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

I have a hard time coming up with great bathroom design ideas. The space always seems so small. We eeked some space (8' x 7') out of an existing bedroom to add a bathroom to the upstairs.

It was laid out based on the easiest access to plumbing to save money. Our bathroom design is actually really simple.

We used a full slab of Shivakashi granite for our shower walls because I assumed it would be easier to keep clean than tile is. And, it is. Plus, it looks really nice.

The granite was supposed to be in one piece for the back wall but the slab was too large to get up the stairs and around the corner.

Shivakashi Granite Tub & Shower Surround

Shivakashi Tub & Shower Surround

I felt so bad for the installers. They carried this huge granite slab all the way up these steep stairs before they figured out there was no way it was going around that corner! They did measure before hauling it up but the turn was too sharp.

Back down the stairs it went to get cut in half. You can see the seam if you look closely at the back wall.

Shivakashi Granite Vanity Shivakashi Granite Shelf

The vanity is Shivakashi granite as is the little shelf on our "Menards" cabinet.

I would do a full surround again. But the nice thing about tile is you can break up or customize your look a little ... okay a lot more.

Here's my simple tip: If you have any stone left, use it to accessorize your bathroom... like we did with the shelf. It adds a little something and pulls the whole bathroom together.

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by: Harry

Cool looking
. I'm in the middle of redecorating my house and you are presenting some interesting ideas on your website. Thanks for the ideas.

by: Valerie

The bathroom looks stunning. I never was a marble fan, but this looks too good!

Damage from granite
by: Darren

There are 2x4 studs under the tub edge of the tub to support the weight of the granite. The granite is also attached to the hardy board on the walls with silicone and some well placed anchors so the weight of the granite is not bearing down on the lip of the tub.

I hope this helps

Weight of granite
by: Anonymous

Does the weight of the granite wall damage or crack the bath tub since the granite is sitting on it? What does your installer say about it? Thanks for your reply.

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