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What is travertine? Travertine stone is a form of limestone. It often forms near hot bubbly mineral rich springs. Gas bubbles become trapped and create a pitted surface on the stone. These pitted surfaces are filled with an epoxy or dust resin or left unfilled.

What is travertine used for?
China Newstar Stone Company CNT Travertine Company Dervi Stone - Swimming Pool Coping, Travertine Tiles Mesta Travertine & Marble- Moasics, Medallions & Mouldings
  China Newstar Stone China CNT Travertine Co Turkey Dervi Stone
Mesta Travertine & Marble - Turkey

Yagmur Stone
Yagmur Stone - Turkey

What color is travertine Travertine never appears as one solid color. It's earthy colored, the color tones vary and veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone.

Things To Consider When Using Travertine Tile:
  • Surface finish such as honed, brushed, tumbled, natural etc.
  • Filled or unfilled.
  • Tile size. Thickness & dimensions.
  • Is it for exterior or interior use?
For small areas, lay out all of your tile first. For larger areas, pull from various boxes when laying. It helps mix up the tiles - it varies the color and pattern of your floor more evenly.

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