Travertine Swimming Pool Coping

Dervi Stone

Dervi Stone exports and produces travertine swimming pool coping, mosaic and marble & travertine tiles. They've been around for close to 25 years. Surface finishes include: honed,
honed & filled, polished & filled, tumbled & brushed and chipped edge. A couple of characteristics of Dervisoglu Travertine Export And Import Trade Company (Dervi Stone) are the sandblasting surface processing technology and the "big pattern-tumbled" tiles.

Dervi Stone - Swimming Pool Coping

Dervi Stone is a quarry owner with two factories located on a 4,000 m2 closed and 55,000 m2 open area in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. They utilize Italian Pedrini Technology which is capable of producing different types of marble & travertine.

Dervi Stone - Tumbled Bullnose Swimming Pool Coping
  • Capable of producing 60 to 70 containers monthly. 2008
  • Competitive prices, consistent production and supply.
  • High quality product reputation in the European and USA market.
  • Highly recognized Denizli Cakmak light travertine tile.
  • Customer satisfaction is priority.
Serving the best quality of the Mediterranean Region. Dervi Stone - Honed & Filled Swimming Pool Coping

Company Name: Dervisoglu Travertine Export & Import Trade Company
Address: Ankara Karayolu 14. Km. Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
Telephone: +90272 223 4020-85
Fax: +90272 223 43 20

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Dervi Stone


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