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What is onyx marble? Onyx marble is a dense, usually banded variety of travertine precipitated from cold water solutions.

Faizen Marble - Onyx Slabs, Tile, Block, Boulders Hanam Marbles Industries - Slabs, Tiles, Mosaic Sunshiant Stones - Slabs, Blocks, Tiles, Moasics Xiamen Elite Industry & Trade Co - Onyx Countertops, Slabs, Tiles & More.
  Faizen Marble Industries - Pakistan Hanam Marbles
- Pakistan
Sunshiant Stones Co - Iran Xiamen Elite Industry & Trade Co - China

What color is onyx? The color tones vary from white to light greens and deep reds with veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone. Onyx is characterized by its translucency and can be backlit for striking and dramatic effects. One of the most beautiful & vibrant natural stones.

Things To Consider When Using Onyx:
Location location, location!

Onyx marble is most often used as a fireplace surround, bar top, walls or small islands because it transmits light. Other uses include mosaics, mouldings, sinks, & decorative pieces such as vases and sculptures.

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