Onyx Slabs, Tiles, Blocks & Mosaics

Sushiant Stones Co., Ltd

Sushiant Stones supplies onyx slabs, tiles, mouldings, mosaics as well as raw blocks. Slabs are 2cm (3/4") or 3cm (1 1/4") and big - 120cm x 210cm (approx: 4'x7') & 180cm x 300cm
(approx: 6'x10'). Tiles are sold in SI (metric) and Imperial (inches) units. Thicknesses vary depending on customer demand and application.

Sunshiant Stone Co - Vein Cut Honey Onyx Slabs

Sushiant Stones owns two tile producing factories, a travertine tile production line, a slab production plant, and a mosaic/ handmade fabrication plant to meet the requirements and demands of customers. A variety of surface finishes are available including polished, super polished, honed, honed & filled, brushed, acid washed and antiqued.

Sunshiant Stone Co - Mahtanix Onyx Block
  • Utilize high tech machinery.
  • Specialized in supplying quality rough and raw blocks, both unshaped and dimensional stone.
  • Custom thickness' & sizes per your specification.
  • Strict and meticulous quality control criteria.

Customer satisfaction has always been our policy. Quality stones, different designs & shapes and a variety of surface finishes are available.

Company Name: Sushiant Stones Co., Ltd
Office Address: No.10-1 St., Ozgol St., Ozgol Aut, Tehran, 1694933184, Iran.
Telephone: 0098-21-22447881
Fax: 0098-21-22462643

Top - Onyx Slabs, Tiles, Blocks & Mosaics
Sushiant Stones Co., Ltd


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