Marble Floor Tile

How To Install Marble Flooring

Getting ready to tile a shower or a floor with marble? These Videos are a must!
Everything you need to know about installing marble floor tile is included. Not sure where to start? Concerned about wasting time and money when cutting your tiles? Straight lines... joint sizes... corner caddies... installing backerboard...

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Third - Purchase Marble Videos here.

What's Covered In The Marble Floor Tile Videos?

  • HOW TO prepare the surface for your marble flooring.
  • Cutting marble tiles INCLUDING round cuts!
  • How to use the tile nippers.
  • How to use a wet saw.
  • Laying out your tile - the correct way!
  • Getting your lines STRAIGHT.
  • Everything you want to know about grout.
  • Flush corners.
  • Installing a marble soap dish & using marble bullnose trim.
  • Removing and replacing a toilet.
  • FAQ's in audio.
  • Plus MORE!
  • Customer support after you purchase.
  • 60 Days - No Questions Asked - Full Refund - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Randy has been installing tile for over 25 years!! I asked him to put together a video on installing stone tiles and he did - Three of them! Buy the Marble Floor Tile Videos here. Full of trade secrets and helpful hints from someone that does it for a living. Save time - save money!



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