Rainforest Green Marble


Rainforest Green Marble is commercially known as Bidasar Green. It is mined in the town of Bidasar which is near the Thor desert in India.

This exotic looking marble is light to dark green with tons of brown veins criss crossing throughout.

This stone is actually a serpentinite but sold as marble. What's the difference?

It looks like marble with the veins and exotic colors but Serpentinites are harder than marble and usually acid resistant.

Waterless adhesives should be used when attaching.

Interesting Fact: The most common way to get around Rajasthan India is by camels, oxen, elephants, buses and cars.

Rainforest Green Marble

This picture is courtesy of Avinash Khetan Keshrimal Khetan Exports -
Mine owners of Rainforest Green Marble.

COUNTRY: INDIA - Bidasar/Rajasthan
COLOR: Light To Dark Green
HARDNESS: Not Available
ALSO CALLED: Amazonas Green, Fancy Green, Forest Green, Green Biddsar, Green Glory, Green Multicolor, Mirage Green, Picasso Green, Radhika Green, Rainforest Green
  • US and Chinese Markets: Marble
  • European Standard: Serpentinite
USES INCLUDE: Countertops, Table Tops, Bar Tops, Vanities, Fireplace Surrounds, Ornamentals

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*Rainforest Green Marble is a natural material so slight variations should be expected. View your stone before purchasing. The technical data provided is submitted in good faith and provided from what we feel are reliable sources. Natural Stone Interiors assumes no responsibility for any of the technical data enclosed.

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