Stone, Marble & Granite Counter Top Care

Clean Seal & Shine Stone Care Kit

It's a stone care kit with everything you need for your stone, marble & granite counter top care. This Combo of Products will keep them looking their best at all times!

Clean, seal and shine. It's quick. It's easy. AND, you can do it yourself.

Product Description

Granite Counter Top Care Kit The stone care kit includes a daily cleaner, a stone polish and a TEN YEAR sealer. Great for Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and Limestone... even your MOST DELICATE!

  1. Clean your stone counters with the daily spray cleaner... then,

  2. Seal with the penetrating sealer and finally,

  3. Enhance and Maintain the beauty and shine.

The stone cleaner is a MUST for the daily cleaning of stones that have been sealed with a penetrating sealer.

Great for cleaning granite counter tops as well as marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, stainless steel, and EVEN tiled shower walls.

Made for stone but versatile enough to be used for ALL your cleaning surfaces!

Next up, the sealer. Apply it... then forget about it! This long lasting sealer stands strong for TEN YEARS!

Excellent water repellent AS WELL AS an excellent oil repellent sealer!

And finally, the stone friendly polish that ADDS shine and makes day to day cleaning easier!
Homeowner friendly TOO!

EASY to Apply -

  • By hand with a clean rag, OR

  • Use a buffer and soft pad... such as lamb's wool!

You don't need much... a couple of squirts covers a few square feet!!!

It's a great kit for your stone, marble & granite counter top care. Great for Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone & Onyx! Made for stone but convenient enough to use on a ton of different surfaces.

Includes the daily cleaner, the stone polish and the TEN YEAR sealer.

Countertop Care Kit One $75.95

Granite Counter Top Care


Products In This Kit:

Countertop Care Kit One $75.95

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Care For Granite, Marble and Stone

Thank you for the product... it has brightened my granite countertops and adds a nice shine to them... teri

I have used your products on my granite counter and bar tops from the first day of installation and have been very pleased with the ease of use and excellent results.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Hello... Thank you for sending my order so quickly !!!! I panic when I am running out of the cleaner, which keeps my granite clean and shiny!!!!! I ordered a larger amount this time.

That product is without a doubt the safest cleaner (just as you promised) to use daily on granite.

Thanks again and I will be back for more! Sincerely Judith


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