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Where To Find Surrounds.

What goes into your fireplace design?
  • The Surround: Area to the sides and above the firebox. A surround frames your fireplace.
  • Mantle: Shelf that sits above the firebox.
  • Hearth: Area that surrounds the base of the fireplace.
  • Insert: A box that contains the fire.
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What does a fireplace surround do? It frames in your fireplace and protects your wall from soot & heat. The surround also adds style and a touch of your personality to the room. Many natural stone surrounds are original hand carved works of art and include the mantle & hearth. They also come in a variety of stone types such as limestone, sandstone, soapstone, slate, granite and marble.

Planning your fireplace design?

  • Look at the different styles of surrounds available.
  • What's included? What's not?
  • Have accurate measurements of your fireplace opening handy.
  • Know your desired overall height & width. Will it work? Look for trouble areas such as outlets, plumbing, no ventilation source.
  • If you are looking for natural stone, make sure it is stone. Many companies actually sell cement, plaster, or polymer mix products that look similar to stone.

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